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What you’ll like about car delivery for service members


Military Relocation

Moving while you’re in the military gives you the chance to discover new areas of our great nation. You will experience new cuisines, accents, and different ways of life, whether you’re moving cross country, or the next state over. While military family relocation can be a great experience, it can also be pretty stressful to move—not just all of your belongings, but your automobiles, as well.

Military Discount

That’s why members of the armed forces around the country take advantage of our special military discount to ship their cars safely, securely, and as efficiently as possible. Simply email us from a .mil address, and we’ll make sure to apply a discount, with flexible payment options to fit your budget and lifestyle.


Trustworthy Shipping Company

As service members, we also know that honesty and integrity are non-negotiable, even when it comes to shipping companies. At Evolution Auto Shipping, we are committed to maintaining the reputation we’ve earned as one of the most trustworthy shipping companies for a military family relocation. If you ever have any questions or concerns about our military relocation services for cars, we encourage you to give us a call—our friendly customer support team is standing by to assist you however they can.



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Finding a company that offers discounts helps you save money. Look for discounts that include our Military, First Responders, Seniors, Students, Return Customers, and Early Bird discounts.
    It’s critical that a broker validates that a carrier that is used to ship a vehicle has the required basic insurance to protect your vehicle.
      Be wary of companies that ask for money up-front. Reputable companies will only take a deposit after a carrier has been secured for you and you’ve agreed to the shipping price.
        Brokers are the gatekeepers to ensure customers get reliable, dependable, and insured carriers to ship their vehicles with. No broker or a bad broker may cause you substantial financial loss and/or inconvenience.

          Frequently Asked

          Military car shipping works the same way as standard auto transport and it's for active military members only. The Government may cover the cost of one POV shipment when it's a PCS order. However, if you want to ship more than one car you will have to pay the cost yourself.
          If you’re an active member of the military and you receive a permanent change of station (PCS) order, the government might pay for you to ship one personal operating vehicle (POV) but there are specific requirements you must check with the Department of Defense. You may be responsible for the cost of military car shipping.
          Yes, there is a military discount to ship a car but only for active and retired members of the military. When you contact a car shipping company ask about a military discount. You could receive a discount of up to $50 based on current market fluctuations and the total mileage of the shipment.
          The cost of military car transport depends on several different factors. These include the make and model of the vehicle you want to ship, the distance traveled, time frame for the delivery, type of auto transport chosen, condition of the vehicle, location, and time of the year. Our military car transport rates are very competitive. Use our online calculator for your military car shipping quotes. Alternatively, get in touch with us via phone or email us.
          A very popular choice for military personnel, both retired and those on active duty, is open car transport . You can book a shipment to and from any locations in the US, Hawaii and to the port for international relocations. Door-to-door transport is one option but we also offer base-to-base. You will, however, have to check whether a trucking company can enter the base. If time is of the essence, we have a guaranteed pick-up service.Express auto transport is also available if you’re relocating at the last minute.

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