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What is door-to-door auto transport?

Door-to-door auto transport is one of the most convenient methods to transport a vehicle. It is an auto transport option where the auto transporter picks up your vehicle and then drops it off at your door!

If the door-to-door auto shipping truck cannot physically fit due to its size, you and the driver will arrange a location nearby for pickup and delivery. All you have to do, in this case, is select a specific address for your car or another type of vehicle to be picked up and dropped off.

Door-to-door auto transport carriers are the most popular in the industry, and door-to-door shipping is the most cost-effective method of transporting a vehicle today. We offer door-to-door transportation services to and from all states in the contiguous United States.


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No Up Front Payment

You read that right, no upfront payment! You don't pay a penny until the day your shipment is scheduled for pickup. So, you can book with your auto transport company now and not worry about the bill until later.

Complete Vehicle Coverage

Insurance coverage is included in your shipping quote. Our selected haulers must meet insurance standards before qualifying to be part of our carrier network.

15K+ auto carriers

Our auto transporter company has a huge network of haulers who are personally vetted auto shipping experts, ensuring your vehicle is transported by trusted members of the industry. These vehicle transport companies will treat your car like their own.

Personalized approach

Why choose our auto transport company? Evolution Auto Shipping works with you through every step of your car or truck's move. Experience hassle-free shipping when you choose us as your car transporter and enjoy an easy and painless shipment process.


Frequently Asked

The final cost of door-to-door auto transport depends on factors like the:
  • Vehicle make and model – Vehicles that are smaller in size are usually cheaper to transport.
  • Delivery time frame – The faster or more urgent the transport is, the higher the cost.
  • Distance traveled – Vehicles that need to be shipped in shorter distances are charged lower transport prices.
  • Transport type – Do you need open auto transport or enclosed auto transport? The first option offers the best value, and will work great for those on a budget or those transporting standard vehicles. The latter solution costs about 30% more and is perfectly suited to owners of, say, modified or expensive cars.
  • Location – When the transport is between major cities, door-to-door auto transport services are less expensive.
  • Condition of the vehicle – Is the vehicle inoperable, modified, or operable? The most cost-effective deal is with operable cars/trucks/motorcycles since everything else will require specialist loading and unloading equipment, which increases the price.
  • Seasonality – Vehicles transported during the summer usually come with a lower door-to-door auto transport cost. The road conditions during the winter make auto transport more dangerous; hence, increasing the service price.
  • The overall vehicle transport transit times vary. This is true, however, of every shipment, and not just door-to-door shipments. Some of the factors that affect them are:
  • Distance – The further you need to transport your vehicle, the longer it will take to drop it off at the selected address. This also includes remote locations.
  • Driver’s hours – According to the Department of Transportation, a driver cannot be on the road for more than 70 hours per week. These limits are set to ensure the driver gets enough rest and is able to drive safely.
  • Weather conditions – Hurricanes, thunderstorms, hail, ice, snow, tornados, and other adverse weather conditions affect the speed at which the driver can transport your vehicle. These weather phenomena also cause traffic, detours, and road congestions, which, too, hamper the carrier.
  • Vehicle transport made easy for you– You don’t have to break a sweat. You have your vehicle transported from Point A to Point B safely and quickly by experienced drivers. All you need to do is wait for it to arrive right at your doorstep.

  • Time-saving option – No more long drives that take forever. We take that responsibility off your shoulders so you can focus on other important aspects of your life. When the vehicle reaches its final destination, you simply pick it up!

  • Insured services – We always maintain sufficient insurance when performing door-to-door auto transports for the entire duration of the transportation.

  • No need to go to a terminal – Instead of having your vehicle left at a terminal for weeks, which is usually the case with terminal-to-terminal shipping, your driver hauls straight away!
  • If you’re looking for the ultimate in convenience, we recommend door-to-door transportation. You’re under no pressure to go to a terminal. We can pick-up and deliver your vehicle to a location of your choosing, as long as it’s safe and legal to do so. It might be outside your house, a wide street nearby, a parking lot, or where you work.
    You don’t personally need to be at the pickup location, but it is highly recommended that you have a representative at both the pickup and delivery points (if you cannot be there personally). The representative must be at least 18 years of age.

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