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What Is Enclosed Auto Transport?

Enclosed vehicle transport is a way of shipping a vehicle that provides extra protection. If you’re the proud owner of any high-end or custom car, enclosed car transport is the perfect choice. Transport your car in a trailer that’s fully enclosed on all four sides and it’s protected from the weather and traffic debris, so you don’t have to worry about anything.


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You read that right, no upfront payment! You don't pay a penny until the day your shipment is scheduled for pickup. So, you can book with your auto transport company now and not worry about the bill until later.

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Insurance coverage is included in your shipping quote. Our selected haulers must meet insurance standards before qualifying to be part of our carrier network.

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Why choose our auto transport company? Evolution Auto Shipping works with you through every step of your car or truck's move. Experience hassle-free shipping when you choose us as your car transporter and enjoy an easy and painless shipment process.


Frequently Asked

Now we get into the meat and potatoes of the open vs enclosed argument: how much it costs to ship your car.
Enclosed auto transport will almost always be more expensive than your typical open transport trailer. Open car transport trucks usually haul up to ten vehicles at a time. This allows the driver to spread the cost of the entire shipment over ten different vehicles, as opposed to 2-6 like with an enclosed truck.
This typically results in a 50-100% increase in cost for an enclosed truck over the cost of an open transporter on the same route. A shipment that costs say, $1000 for an open hauler, will usually cost anywhere from $1500-$2000 on the same route for an enclosed truck.
These differences might seem high, but the fact is that it’s not cheap to operate an auto transport truck. Most auto shippers make little profit when all is said and done as it is. With costs already low to compete with other shippers on the road, if enclosed trucks were to charge any less they would likely be operating at a loss.
There are definitely extra costs involved with using an enclosed car carrier. The extra attention the vehicle receives, and the time it takes to prepare to ship your car are two reasons why. If you have a vehicle that needs to be shipped, and it is an exotic, luxury, or antique, enclosed auto transport is your best bet.
ike with any vehicle you transport, there are two main waiting periods: the wait time to find a carrier and get them to pick up the vehicle, and the actual transit time.
In terms of the wait time to get your vehicle picked up, enclosed transport services can take a bit longer to arrange than open shipping because there aren’t as many enclosed trucks on the road. There are more than enough, but it can still take a bit longer to actually get your vehicle booked and then picked up.
When it comes to transit time, though, those should be the same as they are with a standard open transport truck. Carriers can only drive so far and for so long before they have to take scheduled breaks per federal law, after all, and despite the differences in truck designs and trailers used, carriers offer the same transit times on the same routes regardless.
Perhaps the biggest advantage of shipping your vehicle with an enclosed transport truck is that your vehicle is protected from dirt, debris, inclement weather, and other potential hazards. But contrary to popular belief, most vehicles damaged during transport on an open trailer are actually damaged during the loading and unloading of other vehicles.
The reason why is that open trailers have ten total vehicles moving on them at a time. That’s ten vehicles that are loaded, one at a time, that are then subsequently unloaded one at a time. At each stop for pickup or delivery, there is an opportunity for damage to occur due to improper loading and unloading.
This is much less of a factor with an enclosed trailer, as they move fewer vehicles in a full load. That, and most enclosed auto transport drivers schedule pickups and deliveries to make them first-on, last-off. This means that your vehicle usually won’t be rearranged to fit other vehicles in an enclosed trailer, as they often are on open trailers.
Accidents are certainly not common. However, they are not unheard of, either. While enclosed transporters may be more expensive than open carriers, there are many vehicles on the road that demand additional protection. The biggest advantage when it comes to shipping your vehicle enclosed is, quite honestly, peace of mind.
If you choose open car transport, they transport your vehicle in an open trailer, along with several others. It’s exposed to the weather, dust, and dirt. However, open transport is still a safe option for people looking for budget-friendly auto transport. Vehicles shipped using covered car transportation are protected on all four sides. Your vehicle is transported using an enclosed auto transport trailer. This is the auto transport service of choice for owners of classic cars, luxury cars, antique, exotic, and expensive cars. Normally, this service is 30%-40% more expensive.
There are several options when you want to ship a car, but enclosed car transport is best if your vehicle is an investment. If it’s a sports car, classic, luxury, antique vehicle or has a custom or unique paint job, for example. If your vehicle has huge sentimental value, covered car transport is also a good option. However, if you want to ship a standard vehicle, we recommend you use open car transport.

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